2013- Your Band’s Leaky Tires and Selling Music Online

It’s 2013! If you’re reading this, you’ve survived one hell of a wicked 2012, Hurricane Sandy and the end of the Mayan Calendar, relatively unscathed. After the end of a year like that it’s easy to wake up day one in 2013 and hope that it can only go up from here. I certainly thought […]

How To Find Musicians That Are Right For Your Band

I hear musicians say all of the time, “How do I find musicians in my local area.” However finding musicians isn’t even the problem. Musicians are easy to find! Getting them to join your band is the tricky part

Do People Respond Your Band’s Posters? – Music Marketing Insider Circle Case Study

Music Marketing Insider Circle case study of a simple offline-to-online strategy that invloves direct-response call to action from a promotional band poster.

Music Marketing Insider Circle Bonuses In Limited Supply

John Oszajca reopened the doors to his Music Marketing Insider Circle. Which is exactly why I’m giving away $337 worth of exclusive Music Marketing Insider Circle bonuses.

Music Marketing Expert John Oszajca Weighs In On Selling Your Music Online

A few weeks ago I got the chance to interview real-deal music marketing expert, John Oszajca about selling music online. Because John is such a busy guy, I figured I would only be able to ask him a few of my most burning questions before he would have to run. So you can only imagine […]

Musicians Classified Ads Suck! Top 5 Reasons Why

Musicians Classified Ads are the most popular method of connecting with musicians for your band. However, there are some serious problems with using them successfully.

How To Start A Band- The Proof

Click Here To Pick Up Your Copy! Now for the last 7 days I’ve taken you through my “7 Secrets To Rockstar Recruiting” series where I’ve explained the things you’ll need to do to increase your results when trying to connect with musicians for you band or whatever musical project you’re working on. I wanted […]

How To Start A Band- Secret #7: Attract Musicians In Your Sleep

Secret #7 Attracting Musicians While You Sleep. This is where we put all of the pieces together to start building your band not only with top talent, but with an endless stream of back-ups plans. Congratulations, you’ve come a long way in such a short amount of time. We’ve discussed how you need to understand […]

How To Start A Band- Secret #6: Weed Out Posers

Secret #6: Weed Out Posers The most important piece of advice that I could ever give anyone on the subject of building a band is to sort through and qualify your prospective band mates. Why is this important? Well as I mentioned earlier, a lot of time people will lie about what they are really […]

How To Start A Band- Secret #5: Creating An Army Of Yourself

Secret #5- Creating An “Army Of You” To Do Your Dirty Work For You. Okay, this is where your efforts get put into overdrive. You see, like we discussed earlier, when you are using offline methods of attracting talent to your band, you actually have to go out and spend time in those offline places. […]